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NBNCo - NEw Employees
NBNCo - 2nd Birthday 20th July


The challenge

NBNCo were just launching in the country and had a number of new staff and personnel coming on board from various companies to set up a new experience within NBNCo. We were given the task to develop an Internal Communication brand and style campaign, before communicating various necessities about the business to the staff including processes, intranet, web access etc.

The insight

We wanted to create Communication that wasn’t considered ‘the usual’ but still wanted to use the existing space and media and keep it within the budget.

The idea

We developed an Internal brand Style Guide and look, broke the visual iddentity down into different departments and then developed interesting communication for each department keeping the staff engaged and aware of the business, it’s processes and requirements via a creative set of Posters, EDM’s and Email Communication.

Our involvement included:

Creative Direction
Internal Branding Strategy
Art Directon
Internal Website Design and Development
Internal Marketing
Application Design
Brand Identity Development