Scribbles Cafe

The challenge

Crepes Cafe, settled in the heart of Southland Shopping Centre, wanted to re brand and change their name to the target young children. Our challenge was to come up with an appropriate name, develop their branding strategy and launch the brand within the shopping center

The insight

The most frequently visited demographic in that area of the shopping center were parents with young children. And so we chose to give the brand a very casual look and feel and went down the route of developing a doodle style illustration for the Brand Logo and calling it Scribbles Cafe.

The idea

The Brand Logo was developed off a doodle style illustration and we used that to develop the rest of their collateral including their menu. We launched with an entire day of drawing competitions. One every hour, for children of all ages. Since they were located quite close to the cinemas we developed a promotion offering 2 movie tickets as prizes, for every winner within the hour.

The results

The launch day was a massive success. Sales soared through the roof. They were busy from the first drawing competition, with 325 children participating throughout the entire day.

Our involvement included:

Creative Direction
Marketing Strategy
Art Direction
Outdoor Advertising
Logo Design
Brand Identity Development