There’s more to it than you think

Department of Economic Trade and Development

The challenge:

The Department of Economic Trade and Development of South Australia wanted to ensure that the students realised the importance of Mathematics and Science in their earlier years and how they could be a part of the Department if they took the subjects up in their Universities.

The insight:

From the research results, we realised that a lot of children had a number of interests but none were ‘looked to’ as career paths or there wasn’t enough information for them to make an educated decision on how their interest could lead to a suitable career.

The idea

So we decided to work on campaign idea that resonated with, not only the children themselves, but the parents and teachers as well. We found three real stories of kids that were interested in everyday ‘kids’ things that translated into full blown careers and took them to the three audiences with the campaign line “there’s more to it than you think”. This phrase had a few underlying meanings to the word. For example, there’s more to the ‘child’s interest, there’s more to the profession, there’s more to what they can do, there’s more to the department and finally, there’s more to the Queensland government, than you think.

Our involvement included:

Creative Direction
Art Directon
Brand Campaign
Print Advertising
Outdoor & Ambient Advertising